About Us

Coast Plaza Hospital, Community Hospital of Huntington Park, East Los Angeles Doctors Hospital, and Memorial Hospital of Gardena are part of the Pipeline Health network. Trusted care partners in their respective communities, each of our hospitals has been providing comprehensive healthcare services to the Greater Los Angeles area for 60 years or longer.

With proven experience in clinical medicine, finance, hospital operations, and acquisitions, Pipeline Health is an independent national healthcare network that manages thriving hospitals in Chicago, Dallas, and Los Angeles. Pipeline Health follows a unique operating model that enables our facilities to consistently deliver personalized, high-quality care, reflective of the diverse communities we serve.

Focusing on Clinical Excellence, Operational Efficiency, and Financial Stability, Pipeline Health is committed to staff success and patient well-being. Our team of healthcare leaders is singularly focused on empowering those in our communities to live the healthiest lives possible.


Passion: When it comes to the well-being of our communities, passion fuels everything we do.

Innovation: We embrace ingenuity to solve our communities' toughest problems in new ways while sharing information quickly and learning from each other.

Compassion: All interactions have the potential to heal, so we treat every patient with kindness and respect.

Integrity: We adjust quickly to serve our communities' needs and base all decisions on good data, open dialogue, and thoughtful planning.

Resilience: We give it our all, all the time. And we take care of each other so that we can take care of our patients.

Visit pipelinehealth.us or email questions@pipelinehealth.us to learn more.